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The deal lends the name of the renowned Louvre Museum for 30 years and six months, along with temporary exhibitions for 15 years, and artworks from 13 leading French institutions for a decade. At present, more than 50 per cent of the professionals — such as curators, educators and support service staff — at the museum are Emirati, according to Hessa Al Daheri, deputy director of the Louvre Abu Dhabi. These are housed in a series of 55 white buildings topped by an iconic metallic dome, along with loaned items from French and regional museums. It is the distinctive arrangement of pieces and displays in the Louvre Abu Dhabi that truly sets the museum apart. Jean-Francois Charnier, scientific director at Agence France-Museums, an organisation created to carry out the commitment of France towards the Louvre Abu Dhabi, said the organisation follows a chronological trail, and in a manner that shows the shared human experience across civilisations. Charnier added that the aim is also to allow visitors to participate in the narrative, through information boards that pose questions, interactive displays and unique groupings.

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Hope to see you there! One of the big players is Teach Away, a pretty well respected recruiter and also the first recruitment company hired by ADEC, as they will be proud to let you know. The best thing about Teach Away is that they have a discussion board on Facebook dedicated to all issues concerning Abu Dhabi. There are tons of people on this board, mostly consisting of teachers that are already over and want to share some words of wisdom, and those interested in coming.

Finding all this expat information about living and working in Abu Dhabi takes a lot of time. Our Abu Dhabi expat guide is there to make your relocation to Abu Dhabi as easy as possible. Starting with embassies and consulates to information about travel & accommodation, the guide covers all the different aspects of expat life in Abu Dhabi.

Please ensure that the below are submitted after seeking medical care on reimbursement basis: A duly completed Reimbursement Claim Form completed as per the following: Attach a copy of the prescription s for which you have paid and are claiming medications Attach a discharge summary and medical report in case you are claiming Inpatient admissions An optical prescription with refractive examination for optical claims All invoices with proper breakdown of amounts and receipts clearly showing that a payment was made Claims can be submitted in any language as long as Henner is your TPA.

If not, then to process claims, documents are required in either English or Arabic. The HanseMerkur Group has more than seven million individuals around the globe covered by their products, making them an exclusive, dependable, and highly experienced partner. HanseMerkur Global oversees the interests of the HanseMerkur Group including reinsurance management and intermediation of the available Health Insurance Plans.

German Care International has been established to assist customers and partners in any service related aspects and to ensure that the service levels are maintained at a level superior to the rest. Emirates Insurance Company PSC offers more than 25 locations throughout the UAE and is one of the premier insurance solution providers for locals and expatriates.

National General Insurance Co. PSC provides a wide range of expertise and insurance solutions.

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Here you will find everything from our new Local Expert Series written by expat authors, expat interviews and our own blog entries. Jim, a born and bred Texan, is from the other side. Jiab is quiet, serious, and reserved. He has been living in Jordan with his family since October He has lived in Jordan previously from

Are you living in Abu Dhabi? We are always looking for local “expat experts” to contribute to our Abu Dhabi guide and to answer forum questions for people moving or planning to move to Abu Dhabi.

Where can I find hardware stores in Abu Dhabi? Posted on Tuesday, October 2, Comments When I moved in, there was always something to fix in my apartment. And obviously, I didn’t take my toolbox with me in my suitcase. Unless you don’t have too many clothes and make up, you won’t either, because the airlines will destroy you with excess bagage fees: Here are a few examples of places where you will be able to find these items: Lulu and Carrefour have some items particularly light bulbs, powerstrips, etc.

An Ace store openned in Yas Island, which will remind you of the big hardware stores from the States or Europe. It is accross the street from Ikea. Electra street in downtown Abu Dhabi has a million little hardware stores.

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If you are a working professional that is looking at the possibility of bachelor living in Abu Dhabi, then this article is for you! We also have some advice on the best flats for rent in Abu Dhabi which offer top-notch facilities and amenities, including local parks and restaurants for singles living in Abu Dhabi. Your choice of bachelor accommodation in Abu Dhabi will highly be dependent on your budget and lifestyle. First, bear in mind the cost of living in Abu Dhabi. This budget will allow you to easily find 1-bedroom apartments and studios for rent in Abu Dhabi.

For single expats in Abu Dhabi, dating is even harder. Läs mer. 10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Online Dating Profile for Expats. In a perfect world, you and your soulmate would bump into each other on the streets of Abu Dhabi, lock eyes, and fall madly in love the next second.

Louvre Abu Dhabi readies to open French President Emmanuel Macron will be the guest of honour at the opening Reuters Tuesday 07 November Abu Dhabi opens its Louvre museum on Saturday, positioning itself as a city of cultural tourism with a display of hundreds of works that it hopes will draw visitors from around the world. Surrounded by water from three sides, the museum houses artworks it has acquired, alongside works on loan from 13 leading French institutions, in its 23 permanent galleries.

French President Emmanuel Macron will be the guest of honour at the opening, along with other heads of state. And there are priceless pieces. They include a statue of the Sphinx dating back to the 6th century B. Among the paintings is one by Leonardo DaVinci, done between and and called La Belle Ferronniere, or Portrait of an Unknown Woman, which was recently restored and is on loan from the original Musee du Louvre in Paris.

The Abu Dhabi museum was set up under a inter-governmental agreement between Paris and Abu Dhabi. Originally slated to open in , it was delayed by the global financial crisis and then by low oil prices, which led the United Arab Emirates to rein in spending.

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Click here to add Facebook as an alert Click here to remove the Facebook alert Disable alert for Facebook A new mobile app developed by two young expatriates in the UAE is attracting hundreds of residents looking to meet new people or expand their social network. Touted by some people as the new Tinder, a dating app that has been banned in the UAE, Jeltee lets users browse through photos of people in their area.

If two users like each other, they can start chatting online.

Online dating guide for expats Living abroad is an incredible opportunity to rediscover and reinvent yourself, including the romantic side of your life. Transcending cultural differences and customs is just a small step to achieve that.

Although our candidates are always excited to teach in the UAE, many do have concerns about safety and cultural differences in this diverse Middle Eastern region. In reality, the UAE is often considered the safest region of the Middle East and is home to thriving expat communities, drawn to its unrivalled career opportunities and laid back lifestyle. The aim of this post is to give female teachers hoping to work in the UAE an insight into what to expect, and to dispel some of the common myths surrounding life in this incredible region of the world.

How safe is the UAE for women? In fact, it has some of the lowest crime rates in the world. Violence or harassment towards tourists or foreign residents is highly unusual. In recent years, there have been several high profile cases of women being attacked and then blamed, or even prosecuted, for their own assault. Just like back home, such incidents are very rare. As one of the richest states in the world, the quality of life and general living standards are exceptional in the UAE, for both men and women.

There are no rules restricting women on where they can go or what they can do, although men and women are expected to take part in some activities separately, such as schooling and prayer. Locals are extremely friendly and have a reputation for showing warm hospitality towards expats. Rules on dress The biggest misconception about the UAE is the belief that women need to cover themselves in a headdress or long veil at all times.

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What is the name of the city or town that you are reporting on? Abu Dhabi What is your current status? Are you single, dating, in a long-term relationship, married or divorced? If you’re single, how do you meet other people? Do English-speaking people tend to gravitate to certain parts of your city? There are a number of “Ladies Nights” at local watering holes.

For single expats in Abu Dhabi, dating is even harder. Read more. 10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Online Dating Profile for Expats. In a perfect world, you and your soulmate would bump into each other on the streets of Abu Dhabi, lock eyes, and fall madly in love the next second.

Women Is online dating easier for single female expats in Abu Dhabi than for their male counterparts? It’s hardly the unsolved question of the century. However, it’s always important to back up a premise with arguments and facts. And, that’s what a group of researchers did when they began analysing the likelihood of getting a response in online dating for men vs.

What they found isn’t particularly shocking. The truth is that online dating is a double-edged sword for everyone. We can’t change the fact that men have to work almost five times as hard to get someone interested in them and that women have to sift through tons of messages from obnoxious people, but we can give you some tips to help you stand out and increase your likelihood of finding love abroad: Make an Effort to Be Creative When they send a message, most single men in Abu Dhabi compliment the woman, reference something in her profile, or ask a general question.

If the woman is an expat, they usually ask why she chose to move to Abu Dhabi, which can get boring. Instead, try to write a message that’s more creative and personal. This doesn’t mean you should write your entire life story you don’t want to come across as needy.

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Al Ain is still somewhat ‘undiscovered’ by expatriate workers: However, this should not discourage expat workers moving to this part of the UAE, as not only is Al Ain bound to grow in popularity, but it also possesses its own considerable charms. Featuring a far slower pace of life than Abu Dhabi city or Dubai , Al Ain also retains a far more palpable ‘local flavour’ to it — perfect for expats who seek a new cultural experience as much as a large pay cheque from their time abroad.

Furthermore, Al Ain is perfectly situated for travel within the UAE and to its neighbouring countries; it is located on the Omani border, and is only 82 miles km from both Abu Dhabi city and Dubai.

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He can comfortably spend his Winter in a desert tent, cooking fresh meat over fahem, and brushing his teeth with a miswak. Yet he does own and use a Sonicare toothbrush. But he also embraces the more positive things about the bedoin culture, such as how women should be treated. My husband has never asked me to cover my head, my face, hands, or feet.

In his culture men have an obligation to truly take care of their wives. We make all life decisions together… even the small ones. My opinion matters and he always asks what I think or how I feel. But out of respect for one another we ensure the other is always comfortable. Men are actually responsible for a woman — very different than being superior. Not only are they responsible for us financially, but also our emotional well-being.

For a woman to shed a tear and a man be the cause is shameful.

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Considering how hard it can be to meet women in the middle east having this many Filipinas around would make it a lot easier to meet women there. However they probably could care less about the Filipinas in Abu Dhabi making them the easiest to get on a date. Even if you live there you could still take a stroll through the lobby. If there is a pretty Filipina woman working at the front desk just walk up and inquire about the rates.

After she tells you say you may come back, but compliment her on her pretty smile.

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For the scoop on what it is like for a Western single guy to live in Qatar , we chatted with someone who has made Doha his home for the past year. Tell us a little bit about yourself. I am in my early 40s, and I am originally from Canada, but I had worked in the United States for the past few years prior to coming to Qatar. I have been working in healthcare in Doha for more than a year.

Would you describe yourself as an introvert, an extrovert, or somewhere in between? I would describe myself as an introvert. I am comfortable with myself and therefore do not mind being alone. However, when moving to Qatar, it is important to open up and make an effort to meet others.

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Stockholm Syndrome doesnt occur in every Are You Dating a Our material is not intended as a substitute for direct consultation with a qualified. Badoo chat, date and meet with over million people. Join our community and make friends in your area. Allt du behver veta fr at lyckas med ntdejting.

Published Sunday, July 12, Adnoc Distribution today announced the regulation of sale of subsidised LPG cylinders in Abu Dhabi through limiting their purchase only to Rahal e-Gas pre-paid cardholders over the next weeks. Those without a Rahal e-gas card will be able to buy LPG cylinders by paying in cash or with bank cards at non-subsidised rates.

The categories of customers that benefit from subsidised cylinders include UAE families, UAE singles, expat families and expat singles. Based on findings related to average monthly LPG consumption, the company has set specific quotas for all the four categories. Customers will also be able to apply for these cards at 97 service stations across Abu Dhabi Emirate, which include 52 outlets in Abu Dhabi, 27 in Al Ain and 18 in the Western Region.

Customers will be encouraged to use the online application via www. Once the online application is completed and approved, customers will receive SMS to visit the nearest service station or Rahal Centre and collect the card by presenting original documents. To apply for a five-year valid Rahal e-Gas card, Emiratis need to present the following documents: Emirati families need to also present their family book. Expatriate families and singles may apply for a one-year valid card by presenting the following documents: The company will also use various means of communication, including advertising in national dailies, radio, service stations and via Adnoc Distribution website to raise awareness about the new service.

First time registration for Rahal e-Gas card is free. Modification of card data as well as replacement of lost and damaged cards will cost Dh

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